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Szkolenia ZooHotel.PL We organise individual training on the basics of obedience, we help to solve behavioral problems
  • agression, fears, obsessions
  • preparing dogs for adoption
  • to help adopted dogs
  • human – dog relationship
  • learning the basic commands
  • educational activities for puppies

We have a special area for dog training, equipped with an obstacle course.

The training takes place in Jastrzębie Zdrój, Kochanowskiego Street.

Price: 70 PLN / h.

The possibility of reaching the customer.
Our hotel was created for pets’ owners who want to relax peacefully during their days off, at the weekend or on their holidays, without worrying about their pets. We try to make pets feel hugged and homely atmosphere.

Conditions of stay:
Łapkaair-conditioned and heated indor pens,
Łapkalarge outdoor play pens with a wooden platform and insulated kennels,
Łapkatwo - three walks per day, on a long leash from 10 to 15 metres, under super vision of a guardian,
Łapkathe access to the recreational and picturesque green area over 3 hectares, with ponds and the obstacle course available for dogs,
Łapkaeach dog is treated individually according to the owners’ indications,
Łapkamonitoing with a cameras system,
Łapkathe fire protection system,
Łapkafiltered water.